Popular Winter Sports That Are Definitely Worth A Try

Published on 07/13/2021

Most people think the only thing to do during winter spend the entire season cuddled up indoors. However, this is not the case. Believe it or not but there are in fact some great winter sports that are just waiting to be explored. So, grab your thermals, good energy, and check out these popular sports. Some or more extreme than others, but still definitely worth a try…

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Popular Winter Sports That Are Definitely Worth A Try


Did you know that ice-skating was invented more than 4000 years ago by the Finnish? And still today, it remains one of the most enjoyed festive sports that is loved by so many all over the world. People of all ages can take advantage of this sport, as it is a great way to be outdoors and get a bit of exercise. Experts say that the more you practice, the better your balance, co-coordination, and flexibility will become. So put on a pair of skates and get moving on the rink.


Snowcross is a sport generally geared towards people who are a bit more adventurous. It involves racing specialized high-performance snowmobiles on tracks that may have tight turns, tough obstacles, or even steep jumps and hurdles. Over the last several years, snowcross has increased in popularity and is one of the most sought-after forms of snowmobile races and a really trendy winter sport. During the race, the snowmobiles can go up to 60 miles per hour, ad some of the steep jumps are as high as 30 feet. In addition to all of this, snowcross requires extreme weather conditions in order to keep the tracks frozen. Of course, you will also need to get the right equipment to protect your body. Snowcross is popular in the USA, Canada, Sweden, and Finland. Sound fun? Why not give it a try?

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is not just one of the most popular winter Olympic sports but has also recently become a prevalent international sport. Ice hockey is fast passed and full of energy that also involved numerous intricate tricks and movements. Ice hockey is actually quite a serious sport and more and more people getting into it. However, it doesn’t only have a competitive side, it also is super fun! Just like most other winter sports, ice hockey requires players to be well protected due to the hard ice and equipment.


Snowboarding is another really fun snow sport that is definitely worth trying this winter. This sport involves gliding down a snow-covered surface using a snowboard that is usually attached to the feet of the rider. And no it’s not the same as skiing, the main difference between snowboarding and skiing is that snowboarding does not use poles and most people use softer boots for flexibility. Snowboarding has only recently been added to the winter Olympics. Looking to try it out, there are hundreds of different resorts around the world that allow you to experience this popular sport.  So give it try to see what all the fuss is about.